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We believe in helping people find the floor that best suits their lifestyle. View our selection of flooring products.

Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Team
At Bigelow Flooring we don't believe in high pressure sales or commission. We are proud to offer an environment that makes people comfortable and helps them find the best flooring option for them.


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We believe in helping our clients find the best flooring for their needs, not forcing an option because it gives a higher commission.

Why Bigelow?

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At Bigelow Flooring we don't believe in high pressure sales or commission. What we do believe in is the value of spending time with your loved ones and we want to make sure that time is spent in the most comfortable environment possible. Floors are more than what you walk on everyday.

They're where babies crawl and take their first steps, they're where we play mini sticks with our kids while we watch Team Canada win the gold medal, they're where we sit while reading a book wrapped in a blanket next to warm fire.

We Inspect Every Job

Our roots are from PEI, and we believe in bringing small town care to our customers everyday. Growing up in PEI our father, Bayfield, taught us about the value of customer service. It was from him we learned about the value of doing what you say you're going to do, because if you don't everyone would hear about it.

Just because a floor is installed doesn't mean that our work is done. We believe that quality control is critical, which is why we inspect all of our jobs after they have been completed. This means that once we leave, you can have the peace of mind knowing we have done the best job we can.

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Your floor has been installed and your home is back to normal, but that doesn't mean that your relationship with Bigelow Flooring is over! Our blog will provide you with design ideas, cleaning and maintenance tips, updates about the team, and much more.

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  • Protect Your Floors from Trim Paint

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    Refreshing the baseboards and trim can give your room a whole new look, but a major concern for homeowners is how they can protect their floor in the process. Fortunately, the answer is simpler than you may think: Packing tape. When painting baseboards that sit near carpet flooring, we suggest taping the floor with clear […]

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplashes

    kitchen with backsplash

    Did you know that we sell a wide selection of wall tiles as well as floor tiles? These make great kitchen or bathroom backsplashes! Make your kitchen unique by adding some pattern and colour with mosaic tiles, or muted and classic with white rectangular tiles. Check out our selection online, or come into the store […]

  • The Easy Way to Add Luxury to Your Home

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    Looking for a way to add some luxury to your home? Great looking flooring is worth the extra money, and the price is an indicator of quality. If you choose one of these flooring options, you’ll have a beautiful, polished look that lasts! Natural Stone When you think of grand, opulent palaces, you likely envision […]