Meet the Team

Garth Bigelow – Owner/Estimator

I have been involved with flooring for over 20 years. First, starting out as a young installer, then transitioned into opening our full-service flooring store with my brother Craig 11 years ago. Our number one goal is to service our customers like no other.

I was born and raised on Prince Edward Island along with my 3 brothers and sister. Our father is in the glass business. From a young age, he emphasized the importance of giving his customers great service. He also talked about the importance of being honest in both business and everyday life. We have a great team at Bigelow Flooring to ensure that you get the right product and care from the time you walk through our door to well beyond the completion of your installation.

We would like to offer you a warm welcome to our Bigelow Flooring Family, and look forward to meeting you and your family.

519-821-0256 ext.124

Kathy Budinski – Flooring Specialist

Showroom Consultant

I have worked in the flooring industry for the past 18 years. I have both installation and product knowledge which are beneficial when assisting customer with their floor covering selections.

I believe in providing customers with great service and I enjoy building relationships with our new and repeat customers. I feel privileged to work with a wonderful group of people here at Bigelow Flooring. We welcome you to come in and let us help you take the stress out of home renovating by making recommendations that suit both your lifestyle and budget. See you soon.

519-821-0256 ext.128

Michael Chumbley – Estimator

We all realize that there are many competitors for the same share in any marketplace, floor covering is no different. By using my 30+ years in the flooring industry, and by developing long-lasting relationships with clients, I want to be a part of your home or workplace floor covering project.

By listening and making suggestions based on individual needs, I will make the best recommendations based on the latest materials and installation practices.

519-821-0256 ext.131

Zack Ditner – Operations Manager

I love working at Bigelow Flooring because the owners are very family oriented and treat their employees with a high level of respect

One good customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards the organization.

The best part of my role at Bigelow Flooring is the people that I work with.

519-821-0256 ext.133

Barb Hoy – Estimator

I love working at Bigelow Flooring because of the people… clients, staff and installers.

Customer service to me means treating everyone with respect, Helping customers select products, address any questions/ concerns the customer may have and working towards a solution together in the showroom or out on site.

Office: 519-821-0256 ext.126

Cell: 519-546-7122

Gord Martens – Commercial Estimator

Bigelow Flooring has fun people and a great atmosphere.

I pride myself on always being honest and considering the clients perspective.

I really enjoy being a part of a team that strives to become the best at what we do.

519-821-0256 ext.125

Ryan Milligan – Warehouse Manager

To me good customer service is about making sure we go above an beyond for our clients from the moment they enter the store, to the moment the job has been completed. The best part about my position here is the fact that I get to see everyone working in sync to accomplish that goal.

Helping people is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. Bigelow Flooring is an extraordinary place to work as it allows me to do just that. I go home happy at the end of each day knowing that I’m working for a company that is so passionate about delivering an incredibly dependable service to all of their clients.

519-821-0256 ext.132

Dave Kerr – Project Manager

I love working at Bigelow Flooring because our team becomes one big family.

Making sure all our installs run smooth and stay on schedule is one of the most important parts of doing renovations and keeping our clients happy.

The best part about working at Bigelow Flooring is hearing each customer loves the work we have done for them.

519-821-0256 ext.135

Theresa Morris Jefferson – Flooring Specialist

I have had the pleasure of working with a terrific, helpful and knowledgeable staff at Bigelow Flooring for many years. In fact I often refer to them as my Bigelow family. We all work well as a team to provide the best service to all our customers. I feel it is important to make our customers feel welcomed, provide excellent service and product knowledge.

I like to hear from customers and staff “Thank you, you have been very helpful!”

Kevin Palmateer – Accounts Receivable

I enjoy the atmosphere of the office as well as the warehouse staff.

I feel that customer service should be very high on our priority list. Not only are we providing a product and service, we are doing it in their private residence.

I come into work happy, deal with issues which are sometimes stressful but, but I leave at the end of the day feeling happy. I hope that I can be a benefit to the company. I enjoy putting something positive into my day, and I can do this here at Bigelow Flooring.

519-821-0256 Ext 134

Matt Donnelly – Flooring Installer

I love working at Bigelow Flooring because each day is different and our team works together to make the renovation process very enjoyable and exciting for our clients.

Customer service is a key aspect in our business as we build relationships with our clients when we create new spaces in their homes!

The best part of working as an installer for Bigelow Flooring is seeing the install process from start to finish and hearing the appreciation for our hard work when the job is completed for the client.

Rui Cardoso – Scheduling

Having over 30 years of experience in the various roles in the industry , working with the team at Bigelow flooring is incredibly rewarding.

Knowing that the people here are not just selling a floor… We are providing a surface in your home where babies play and take their first steps, where your new puppy ‘learns’,

Products that distinguish your house from your neighbors and transform your house into your home.

The high level of expectation in customer service sets us apart from everyone in making sure you are satisfied.

It is great to be part of a group of people who take pride and ownership of your project, big or small, from the moment you step into our showroom to the moment we leave your home with your new Bigelow floor.

519-821-0256 ext 122

Armenag Vanayan – Estimator

I have been in the flooring industry for over 15 years and am so fortunate to be a part of the Bigelow team. The friendly skilled staff and positive atmosphere make coming to work enjoyable. Bigelow’s dedication to customer service is something I strongly believe in and feel it is the most important aspect of my role.

519-821-0256 ext 136