A. Yes, we try to accommodate everybody. Call us at 519-821-0256 so we can help figure out what you’re looking for,

A. Quotes are free, but we have to have someone come to your home to take measurements and see the style of your stairs first. We are unable to give quotes in the store.

A. Our team works with you to determine which flooring is best suite based on your home and lifestyle.

A. Our team talks to you to determine what room you’re looking to put tile in, what other work has already been done in the room (ie: cabinets, colours, furniture, etc.). That helps us narrow down your choices to ones that will best suited.

A. The length of the project will depend on the size of the room and the type of flooring that is being installed. We do our best to give accurate time frames, but we can’t give you an exact quote until we assess the project.