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If you’re thinking of hardwood for your next flooring project, you may be thinking about how to choose between wide plank flooring and narrow planks. We’ve gathered some information about wide plank flooring to help you decide!

– Wide planks tend to be between five inches and 12 inches wide. Long lengths are also popular for wide plank flooring.
– Wide plank flooring is adaptable to most decorating styles, depending on the type of stain and wood you choose. It can be rustic with deep grains, or elegant and smooth.
– Wide plank is a little pricier than thin plank flooring, and about twice the price of strip flooring.
– Wide plank hardwood comes in rustic grades, and sometimes has more of an emphasis on the naturalness of hardwood.
– Wider planks expand and contract more than narrower boards, so you’ll need to be more aware of humidity and moisture in your space.

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