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Sometimes it can be hard to tell when you need to replace your floor. That’s why we’ve put together this list of signs for you to tell when your carpet needs to be replaced!

Lots of stains

Most stains can be prevented by cleaning up spills right away, but if multiple stains build up it can look terrible. You also might have a lot of stains in your carpet from a previous home owner. If you do, it’s time to replace the carpet.

Rips and tears

You can tell if your carpet is coming to the end of its life if it is starting to come apart at the seams. It may also be matting together or even coming up from the floor. Small tears are nothing to worry about and can usually be fixed by a professional, but larger tears mean it’s time for your carpet to go.

Smells and allergies

Have your friends suddenly stopped coming over to your house? It might be because your carpet smells bad! Without proper cleaning over an extended period of time, odours and stains can become ingrained in your carpet’s fibres and can’t be removed easily. Worse than the smell, though, is the allergens it might be harbouring as a result.

Carpet padding

If you’ve cleaned your carpet thoroughly and it still smells, it might be your carpet padding. Carpets are installed over a thin padded material to soften the floor. Carpet padding isn’t necessarily cleaned when you clean your carpet. And you can tell if your carpet padding is damaged if your carpet looks uneven, is starting to wrinkle or makes a crinkling sound when you walk on it.

Old carpet

Some carpet just needs to be replaced because it’s run its course. If your carpet’s colour has faded, the fibres are getting matted, or it’s starting to ripple, you should get it replaced.

Make sure you clean your carpet regularly and take care of stains and spills as soon as they happen to make your carpet last longer!

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