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Western themed rooms seem to be an upcoming trend, and flooring plays an important role in completing the themed look. Here are some recommendations that we have for y’all when choosing which floor would fit best:

• Hardwood
Hardwood seems like it may be an obvious choice for a Western theme since it gives a rustic feel, and it’s true! Hardwood is an excellent choice since it has so many options both in the texture and the colour and pulls together that Western look. For this room we would suggest either a lighter wood such as the Kendall Maple Hearth 3 or a darker shade such as the Kendall Lock Maple Walnut 5. Either going light or dark for this theme seems to be the trend!

• Laminate
Choosing laminate flooring would be keeping you close to the hardwood look but is more budget friendly. There are three types of laminate flooring that we offer: smooth, embossed and plank. Our suggestion would be a light coloured smooth laminate to pull the look together!

A rug is often added to a Western themed room however don’t treat the rug as the sole flooring because the underneath is just as important to complete the look. Have a rug picked out but not sure which floor it would go well with?

Come to Bigelow and we will help find the perfect match!


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