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When it comes to carpet, one of the biggest choices you will have to make is between natural and synthetic fibres. While both have their pros and cons, choosing between natural and synthetic fibres is really a matter of personal preference.

Synthetic fibres are made of artificial materials; the most common for carpets are nylon and acrylic. Natural fibres, however, are just that: natural, meaning they come from plants or animals. The most common natural fibre for carpet is wool.

You may be thinking that synthetic fibres are stronger than natural fibres, but you’d be wrong! Synthetic fibres are very strong and nylon is especially strong and resilient to matting. But natural fibres are actually thicker and therefore less vulnerable to tearing. Natural carpets are exceptionally durable and don’t flatten as easily.

Acrylic carpets are very resilient to stains because of its low rate of moisture absorption. If you spill something on synthetic carpet, a lot of the stain will be repelled because of the chemicals used. But natural fibres are actually more resilient to stains than acrylic carpets!

While they’re made from chemicals and other man-made products, synthetic carpets are actually recyclable! Natural carpets are not recyclable, but they are more eco-friendly because of their naturalness.

Synthetic carpet is cheaper than wool carpet or other natural carpet. Because synthetic carpets are easy to produce and buy, the cost to make them is very low. Natural carpet, however, is more expensive because the source is more limited. And wool carpet can be very expensive, especially if the type of wool used is in high demand (like New Zealand wool).

When it comes to carpet, synthetic and natural carpets are pretty equal! Choosing the right option for you depends on your preference, budget and lifestyle.

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