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Carpeted flooring can add warmth and comfort to a room, and is softer underfoot. While it’s sometimes more susceptible to stains than other types of flooring, there are ways to keep your carpet looking new and fresh even months after installation!

– You should vacuum thoroughly and often to remove dirt particles. Dirt particles dull the carper appearance, so use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar (except on looped pile berber and wool carpets)

– Clean up spills immediately with carpet spot remover and cleaners

– To keep your warranty coverage, you should get your carpet professionally steam cleaned every 12-18 months; waiting any longer will make stains harder to remove

– Getting a carpet with stain resistant treatment can help you keep your carpet clean but it won’t prevent stains. Even with this coating, bleach, plant foods, hot coffee or tea, wine, shoe polish and hair dye can permanently stain your carpet.

– Your carpet will mat and crush over time with use, and some new cut pile carpets can shed in the beginning

– Some carpets may naturally pool—you may find small tufts of fibre sprouting above the carpet—but it can be easily removed with a pair of sharp scissors

– Wall to wall carpeting may experience rippling if exposed to high heat and humidity; if it stays this way, especially over a few seasons, please let us know

– Some carpets seam better than others depending on the style and thickness; it is normal to have some visible seams

– You can remove dents caused by heavy furniture by stroking the carpet with the edge of a coin or by using a hair dryer

– We recommend the Richmond spot carpet cleaner, sold at Bigelow Flooring


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