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Do you have a small house or studio apartment with limited space? Or do you want to add some structure to your open plan home?

Flooring offers some great options for dividing up a room into distinct spaces.

– Use different flooring materials in different parts of the room. If you have an open plan kitchen/dining room/living room, you can easily divide the one room into three distinct ones, without building walls! Try ceramic tile in the kitchen, hardwood in the dining room and carpet in the living room.

– Painting your floor is another great way to divide a room, especially a smaller room. Paint a section of it a different colour to make a reading nook look more separate.

– You can use rugs the same way as painted floors for dividing up a room–and they’re much easier to move around if you change your mind.

– Raising part of your floors is kind of a dramatic way to split up a room, but it can look great! You can even use the space underneath for storage.

However you do it, dividing your space is a great way to make it personal.

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