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We’ve told you how to choose a paint colour to match your hardwood floor, but how about less natural floors like laminate?

Laminate is amazing because of its versatility. It comes in so many different colours, it’s easy to find the right paint colour to match it! Here’s how:

– Determine whether your floor is a warm tone (undertones of red, yellow, pink or orange) or cool tone (grey, blue, green or purple)

– Narrow down your paint choices to cool or warm to match the tile (if your tile is cool, only look at cool colours)

– If your floor is dark, choose a light colour to open up the space or a dark colour to create a cozy atmosphere

– If your floor is light, choose a light colour to create a space that’s bright and airy or a dark colour to create a contrast

– Add variety to your room by painting an accent wall one colour and the rest a neutral colour

– If you have a paint swatch with multiple shades, place it against the floor and identify the colours that belong to the same family as your floor so they don’t clash

If you’re still not sure, you can always ask our consultants! They are experts on flooring and design.

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