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One of the key components of design is a great floor plan. If you’ve just had, or are thinking about getting, a brand new floor, take this opportunity to draw up a floor plan to make the most of your space. Not sure what makes a good floorplan? Here are some things to think about:

• Maximize assets
Where is your room positioned on the lot? Is it south-facing? Does it have a beautiful view? You don’t want to waste a good view by putting a couch with its back to the window, so consider all of these assets before placing any furniture.

• Traffic flow
Do people need to walk through part of the room to get somewhere else in the house? Make sure they have the space, and that it doesn’t disrupt the rest of the space.

• Social considerations
Are you constantly entertaining in your space? Will the space be used for large family holidays? Plan your furniture accordingly, so you can get as many people into the room as you need.

• Safety
If you have small children, make sure the plan of the floor is going to be safe for them. This is especially important to consider if the room has a balcony, stairs or large portions of glass.

Have fun with your design process!

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