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If you have hardwood floor in your home, not only is it important to know how to clean it–but you should know how NOT to clean it as well!

Follow these tips for what you should avoid when cleaning hardwood, and you’ll keep it looking its best for years!

– Abrasives or harsh chemicals: Oil soap, ammonia, and vinegar can all be really harmful to your hardwood floor. Ammonia dulls the finish of the hardwood and affects the performance. Vinegar might dissolve hard water and mineral deposits, but it can’t tackle dirt and grime, and eventually dulls the finish as well.
– Steam mops and wet mops: Standing water is the worst thing you can do to your hardwood floor. Not only does it dull the finish, but it damages the wood and can even discolour it.
– Steel wool, wax-based cleaners or wax: Never use these on a urethane-finished hardwood floor.
– Vinyl and tile floor cleaners: A lot of these kinds of cleaners contain acrylic wax, which causes wood to become slippery and cloudy. This can only be fixed by sanding and refinishing, which can be pricey.

If you want the best results for your hardwood floor, only use manufacturer-recommended cleaners! Ask the pros at Bigelow Flooring for the right floor cleaners.

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