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Anyone who’s been to Ikea will know that there’s something iconic and timeless about Scandinavian decor. Scandinavian style is clean, modern but playful, with equal emphasis on function and design. Here are some tips to achieve this look in your home:

• Avoid carpets. Scandinavian homes tend toward wood floors, especially lighter coloured woods, with the exception of the bedroom.
• Whites, greys and pale blues are a great place to start, with added pops of colour throughout the space.
• Don’t be afraid of using a lot of wood, from walls to floors to ceilings and beyond.
• Furniture should be pretty modern, featuring clean lines.
• Make your space liveable. Don’t clutter it with objects and furniture that don’t have an obvious purpose.
• Especially in Sweden, there’s a big concern with being eco-friendly when it comes to homes. Make your home as eco-friendly as possible to really get to the core of Scandinavian style and living.
• Make use of your outdoor space: turn it into an outdoor living room, and use it for entertaining during the summers.

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