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Flooring mistakes are not just a headache, they can also cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. But planning ahead and being prepared can help you avoid these common flooring mistakes.

1) Not planning ahead – keep in mind that flooring installation will take a few days, depending on the size of the room, and that you might not be able to move your furniture in as soon as it’s finished
2) Not doing things in the right order – if you’re painting, do this after your floors are installed to avoid having to paint twice if the colours don’t match
3) Hiring a general contractor – you should always hire a flooring specialist to install your floors, even if you’re having an entire room remodelled; hire someone who knows flooring to get the best results and avoid shortcuts
4) Using the wrong cleaning products – you should always use your manufacturers’ recommended cleaning products for your floor to avoid damage and discolouration
5) DIY – whether it’s installation or refinishing, your best bet is to always go with a flooring specialist to ensure a high quality finished product; while it would cost less to do it yourself, the cost of having to fix it if it goes wrong isn’t worth it

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