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If you have an unfinished basement, you probably have a concrete floor. After concrete is poured, the water in it evaporates and sometimes causes the concrete to shrink and crack.

While some cracks in concrete floors can be structurally damaging, tiny cracks can be easily fixed! Here’s how.

1. First, make sure the crack is dry. Even if it’s slightly damp, wait it out or dry it with a hair dryer.
2. Use a wire brush to scrub the crack. Dirt and debris can get stuck in even the tiniest cracks.
3. Vacuum the dirt and debris with a shop vac, making sure you get all of the little dust particles as well.
4. Buy the right concrete patch tube. You can use these with a caulking gun for easy application.
5. Follow the instructions and fill the cracks in the concrete. If the crack is a little deeper, make sure you fill it in layers, giving time in between for each layer to dry.
6. Wipe any extra concrete off with a damp piece of cloth. You don’t want there to be any residual concrete sticking up out of the crack.

And there you have it – a quick fix for small concrete cracks!

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