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There are lots of things to keep in mind when choosing between light, medium and dark hardwood floors: the furniture you have, the size of the room, and personal taste are all things that you should consider when choosing a new hardwood floor. We’ve put together a list of the benefits of each shade. (You can use these tips for choosing laminate, as well!)

Dark wood

Dark wood is certainly a dramatic choice, especially the darker you go. If you have light-coloured furnishings, like white cupboards in your kitchen, dark wood might be a nice contrast. Same goes for light coloured walls. Dark wood looks very stylish and will bring out the furniture in the room. Choose walnut or ebony for a modern look. The only downside with wood flooring is that it shows the dust a bit more — so it just needs to be swept more often. This can also be avoided by choosing a wood with a deeper grain, so it masks streaks or dust. Don’t choose dark wood if the room is small, as this can make it look even smaller and somber.

Medium Wood

If your room is decorated with colours like cream, gold or peachy tones, a medium hardwood is a great choice to bring out those colours. Medium brown is a very versatile flooring option, especially if you’re thinking of installing hardwood throughout your home. It can carry through a number of spaces and look great with lots of decor themes. It’s also a safe choice if you’re thinking of moving in the near future!

Light Wood

If you’re thinking of going for a natural or beige hardwood floor, this is another really versatile option. It’s also an excellent choice if your style is all about simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Unlike with dark wood, light wood flooring looks best when you match it to other woods in your furniture or cupboards. Not sure if they match? Take a sample of the wood home with you and match it to your furniture to be sure. But if you are going this route, try and add some colourful accessories to the room so it doesn’t end up looking bland.

Still unsure whether to choose dark, medium or light hardwood for your home? Our flooring experts are happy to help.

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