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So you’ve chosen tile for your next flooring project–simple enough, right? You’ve really only just begun! Because of tile’s versatility, there are so many things to consider when choosing the right tile for your space. One of those things is shape. We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite tile shapes, all of which you can find at Bigelow Flooring!

Square tiles used to be the most common shape of tiles, but they’re becoming harder and harder to find. Square tile floors are classic and ageless, and come in a number of colour options. If you’re looking for a beautiful but simple tile floor, square is a great option!

Rectangular tiles are becoming increasingly common, even more so than square tiles these days. Rectangular tiles still offer a timeless and classic look. And rectangular tiles also come in a wide range of colours, sizes and materials. Choosing rectangular tiles is great if you want something simple but a little different than the usual!

Few people think of circles when they think of tile floors. Circular tile floors offer fewer options than square and rectangular tiles, but there are still choices to be made. Circular tiles come in both uniform sizes or varying sizes. Varying sizes create a sort of pebble effect that looks natural–we especially love this look for bathrooms!

You’re probably most familiar with strip tiles as kitchen back splashes, because of their increased popularity in recent years. But strip tiles also come in floor tiles. People love this look because it’s sleek and modern, and strip tiles come in a wide range of colours, which can be brighter than other tiles. It’s common for strip tiles to not be uniform in colour–for example, varying shades of blue.

If you want to make your floor the focal point of the room, there are a few unusual tile shapes that you can choose from. For an earthy look, try a flower shape. Hexagon, octagon and chevrons are very trendy in many spheres of home decorating, including tile flooring, and make the space super modern. Want to add a Moroccan feel to your room? Arabesque tiles are a wonderful way to add a pattern to a space without overwhelming it.

Still not sure what to choose? Come into Bigelow Flooring, our flooring experts would love to help!

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